Our educational programme is constantly being improved, and with it, the facilities are being further developed. The objective is to enable the students not only to gain entry to reputed colleges but to understand how the skills gained can be used for future studies, career making and life building. Timely special coaching is provided to the students for national talent search examination for class VIII making the best of this kind available by engaging experts from our schools. Special test series of examination is conducted every month for the top-20 students of classes from VI to X to initiate competitive spirit and motivate them to become excellent in all examination. This keeps them in their toes for a better tomorrow.

The goal of academics at Sujana vidhya Mandira School is to provide a broad spectrum of learning opportunities wherein students are encouraged to reach their full potential. Teachers provide critical and creative thinking opportunities through differentiated instructional methods. Students are exposed to decision-making strategies that provide them the skills to be valuable and resourceful citizens in the 21st century.

Our Sujana Vidhya Mandira believes that ......

  • The child is the pivot of all our programmes and policies. There is no place for any form of corporal punishment. We affirm the importance of personality, identify the individuality of every child.
  • The school endeavours to inculcate each child the pride of being an Indian, and love for the cultural heritage of India. Our aim is to inspire our students to respect the national traditions, values and ideals.
  • All efforts are made to establish an open environment in the school administration. A strong and active Sujana's parents and our alumni strengthen the hands of the management in motivating and inspiring the staff and students alike.
  • The faculty of the Sujana has academic freedom to function effectively. Regular in-service teacher training programmes orient the staff with the most modern techniques in the field of education.


Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation is done throughout the year as per State Board norms. Grades are awarded. Students are graded in everything they do. However, the Board Examination for Std. X takes place at the end of the academic year.

The KSEEB has introduced Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation during the academic year 2012-13

The evaluation consists of six phases during the year:

First Term

Formative Assessment I : 10%
Formative Assessment II : 10%
Summative Assessment I : 20%

Second Term

Formative Assessment III : 10%
Formative Assessment IV : 10%
Summative Assessment II : 40%

Only grades will be entered in the CCE record as mentioned below:

91-100 A1 81-90 A2 71-80 B1 61-70 B2 51-60 C1 41-50 C2 33-40 D 21-32 E1 00-20 E2

Formative Assessment consists of Projects, Quizzes, Research Work, Assignment, and class interactions.
Summative Assessment consists of multiple choice questions (MCQ), short answer and long answer questions from the portions of that term. The same system will be followed for Class X in the next academic year. On the other hand the passing of Class X depends on the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation records and the subsequent BOARD exams.

Individual attention is given to each child and his/her progress assessed. Special coaching classes are arranged wherever necessary.

Karnataka State Education Examination Board
(KSEEB Malleshwaram)


Key Education Foundation

Lower School

The primary goal of the Lower School is to provide a safe and nurturing environment that promotes a love of learning and positive self-esteem, while challenging students to fully utilize their unique talents. The curriculum is designed to provide each student with a strong foundation for intellectual, social and spiritual growth within the appropriate developmental framework. The core curriculum includes reading, language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, computer science, music, art and physical education.
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Middle School

The Middle School consists of students in grades 5 - 8. We seek to immerse these children in an environment that forces them to think and to articulate those thoughts in both written and oral forms. While placing a high value on the learning of information, we believe it is more important to train our children to be proficient in the skills of note taking, reading comprehension, outlining, writing and public speaking. It is these skills and not raw information that will lead to future academic success for Sujana students.
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High School

The goal of the academic life of Sujana is to prepare each student for the next step in his or her academic journey -- college. Sujana offers a liberal arts program that concentrates on depth rather than a breadth of subject matter. We anticipate that students will master the core subjects before they graduate from high school. In these courses, students wrestle with the ideas, events, and discoveries that have shaped this nation and the world. The rigor of the curriculum is matched by the school's commitment to small classes and an advisory system that encourages the development of personal relationships between advisor and student.
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The Academic Year for each class commences on
PRE-KG to PREP II...............21st May 2017
I Grade to IX Grade ...............21st May 2017
X Grade..................................18th April 2017