Name Dep/Position
Ms. Lakshmi Bai.R P.E Instructer


Bass Drums
Tanner Drums
Side Drums
Bugle Copper (Standard Specification)
Hand Cymbal Trumpet
Bass Circle
Trampoline etc.


2017 Marching Band Schedule

August 15th  Independence Day Celebration

January 26th :  Republic Day Celebration 

Sujana Vidhya Mandira has an extremely well trained band.

The instruments and the paraphernalia related to the band are made available for practice under the supervision of P.E faculty. A select group of children from classes high school constitutes the school band. They have been well trained for 'In Threes Marching', a quick drill march, besides being trained in 'Circle Marching', 'Bugler & Drummer Group Marching', 'Group Cover Marching', 'Figure Eight Marching', 'Square Marching', etc.
The School Band gives display of its prowess on important occasions like the Independence Day, Republic Day and Founders Day.
The marching contingent has won many laurels on such occasions. In near future the band will be launched for Inter School competitions and displays during Independence Day and Republic Day celebrations in Delhi.