Sujana Vidhya Mandira Arts

Sujana Vidhya Mandira Arts Program enhances each student’s educational experience through centered exploration of the visual and other arts.
In each of these opportunities and at all levels, the distinguished arts faculty seek to help students discover and cultivate their God-given gifts in the fine arts and use them.
Your usually fidgety daughter is spellbound, sitting perfectly still through a famous ballet company's performance. As the curtain falls, she turns to you dreamy-eyed and says, "I want to be a ballerina." Even savvy parents can be baffled when their child expresses a new interest in an unfamiliar field. So the real question is: Is this a passing fancy or a real, Eureka moment? Guess what? It doesn't matter. What does matter is how a parent encourages a child's interest in the performing arts. A Time To Explore By expressing a curiosity in the arts, your child is off on an adventure with many possible outcomes. Don't worry about whether your child will become a professional artist. Artistic yearning doesn't necessarily equate with a career path or even a college scholarship. For example, a ballet student may realize that dancing is not for her and instead opt for a career in medicine. But, perhaps, if your son essays a lawyer in drama he might be inspired to become a lawyer. The real point is that a parent's focus should be on the exploration-- or the journey--rather than thinking about the destination-- or where this interest might lead. But where does a parent begin?

Explore All The Arts

Parents should keep a wide focus and expose their child to a wide variety of arts by attending plays, concerts, and exhibitions. Watch for signs of interest as your child responds to each experience. For example, Mrs. Lata allowed her son to balance piano lessons with his skateboard instruction. However, when she took him to see a painting exhibition, she was surprised by his reaction. He said 'Whoa!' and sat down on the floor, overwhelmed by the colors. Today, a decade later, he likes painting.

Lower School

Lower School Fine Arts

Beginning in Lower School, students build a solid foundation in the arts and visual arts classes.  Students wishing to expand their performing arts experience may elect to take private music lessons.

Middle and High School

Middle School and High School Arts

Upon entering Middle School, students expand their visual or performing arts skills by electing to take daily band, chorus, dance, drama or visual arts classes.

Arts elective options expand even further in High School to include a myriad of visual art courses including clay modelling, fruit carving, drama, singing, dance etc..