Smt. T.V Padmavathi Suresh (PRESIDENT)


Smt T.V.Padmavathi Suresh, frequently addresses the Sujana Vidhya family when it is necessary to share important school information or her personal thoughts.

The President's Blog is a compilation of the messages that Mrs. Padmavathi Suresh has sent to the Sujana Vidhya Mandira family since her inception as President.


Every student has an individual and a cultural set of experiences skills and interests which must be considered in teaching and learning process. A diverse student body enriches the school community and provides a wealth of experience and resources . A thorough education includes the development of the qualities of compassion, tolerance, respect for the rights and cultures of all people the skills for the peaceful resolution of conflict and development of environmental responsibilities. The curriculum at /sujana is being tailored to suit the individual student's abilities. It is the curriculum that holds the key to the student's career level future. Traditionally SujanaVidhya has taken one-size fits-all approach to syllabus. Keeping in view the diverse socio-economic backgrounds and aspirations of students. Sujana Vidhya Mandira offers a choice of curriculum irrespective of which curriculum a student opts for. Sujana Vidhya Mandira aims to impart simple globally-relevant and environmentally-conscious culture and lifestyle to students.

In addition, drawing on its tradition and its rich history, the school aims at the broader development of the complete overall personality of its students

  • To impart quality education replete with visual concepts and practical solutions in stress free and burden less environment.
  • To develop proficiency in global language and state knowledge.
  • To master the skills of the game opted for with disciplined approach and sportsman spirit.
  • To be systematic and time bound life-style having exposure in totality.
  • To prepare 21st century students through computer and e-learning.
  • To preserve Indian culture, moral values and patriotism.


    Happy New Year

    Dear Parents,

    Happy New Year! 

    As you know school safety is at the forefront of my thoughts, as I’m sure you have been thinking a lot about this topic over the last month.  Our entire district and school staff makes your child’s safety a top priority,....

    Posted on : 2019-01-04 10:08:50


    My challenge to my fellow educators, especially those of us in educational leadership positions, is to think about how we communicate from our leadership positions each and every day. Are you engaging the following communication....

    Posted on : 2019-01-04 09:19:49

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