Welcome to Sujana Vidhya Mandira

Shri Suresh.R

Thank you for visiting our website. As you navigate the pages within, I trust you will find it to be informative and valuable, regardless of whether you are a first-time visitor or a long-standing parent. More than anything, I hope our website conveys to you what matters most at Sujana Vidhya Mandira.

To create global citizens and leaders of tomorrow through traditional values of love empathy, discipline and respect. The curriculum of Sujana Vidhya Mandira facilitates the application of such values both within the class room and outside the class room- In real-life situations. The 'Citizenship' curriculum has evolved from a concept of multidimensional citizenship education where - In both the school and the community collaborate as partners in the learning process. The Sujana Vidhya Mandira brings out all round development of the students by promoting personality development, academic user information technology is one way of enhancing its mission to teach the skills.

This is the place to learn, a place where all can grow and flower, where the mind can expand where excellence is imbibed as a matter of every day routine. The education programme is fun, inventive, creative and entertaining for the students. We strive to make our students to know the meaning of life. At Sujana Vidhya Mandira our learning and instructional methods are based on the Theory of Multiple Intelligences.

Shri. Suresh.R

Collectively, the board of trustees, administration, faculty, and staff of Sujana Vidhya Mandira are focused on meeting the needs of students and their families. The culture in which we live is actively fighting against families and working to force children to grow up too soon. We want to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. In that way, we see ourselves as counter-cultural as we seek to provide our students with an atmosphere that is challenging, reinforces the value of hard work, and emphasizes character and integrity above accomplishment.

I hope you will enjoy the time you spend on our website, and if we can ever be of help to you in any way, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Shri Suresh.R

Founder Secretary & Principal