Our Philosophy

Sujana Vidhya Mandira aims to be an institution of excellence dedicating to produce leaders of the future. To fulfill the vision Sujana Vidhya Mandira provides an environment in which every student discovers and realizes his full potential.

The school aims to attract the best talent- students, teachers and facilitators from all parts of karnataka especially in its capital Bangalore-South without the distinction of race, religion, caste, colour or social status. Education is derived from a Latin word that brings out our philosophy on education is very simple- to draw out of the child the gift of intelligence- by creating an atmosphere where inquiry and interest can be stimulated by instilling confidence in a child to believe him/herself.

Believing that all children are uniquely gifted, the school offers a preparatory program which challenges, nurtures and strengthens all its students. The Sujana Vidhya Mandira family welcomes students of diverse racial, cultural and religious backgrounds.

Because experience at home indelibly influences the spiritual and intellectual development and emotional health of each child, Sujana Vidhya Mandira regards parents as essential partners in its educational endeavor. The school thus expects and values parental support of its foundational principles and goals. 

Sujana Vidhya Mandira seeks to develop in each young person a desire to learn and to become a good citizen in serving the local community and the world beyond. The programs at Sujana Vidhya Mandira promote spiritual, intellectual, physical and social growth. Through daily living, the school strives to create a community which exemplifies moral values and demonstrates their implications for the individual and society.

Our Mission

To be a school of academic excellence by providing each student a diverse college preparatory education guided by principles and beliefs; by challenging and nurturing the mind and body; and by developing responsible stewardship in our changing world.

Sujana Vidhya Mandira

Our Vision

  • “Our Vision is to be at the forefront of Indian Education Internationally”
  • To provide high quality Indian education that delivers a transformative learning experience to all our pupils. Engaging and effective teaching based on our core values and the best, most up-to-date Indian educational practice enables children at our schools to achieve their academic ambitions and lifetime careers. At the same time we nurture their individual talents and emphasise the importance of educating the whole child with attention to their physical, emotional and social development. We are determined to make a positive difference to the future of our pupils and their families, the careers of our staff, as well as contributing to the wider community.