We have computer labs with latest systems with internet connection exclusively for students. Students visit the computer lab during a designated class. Dedicated and trained teachers are always at hand to help students with research and project work. Sujana Vidhya Mandira is WiFi enabled.


The school has a well stocked library, with an impressive index of titles, covering both fiction and nonfiction, resource /reference books , dailies and magazines. Our rich collection of books is updated regularly and students are encouraged to make full use of this facility to develop a love for books from an early age.


The Chemistry, Biology and Physics labs follow all safety guidelines and provide students an enriching environment to learn the practical aspects of Science. Teachers assist students in their learning.


The school houses a well-stocked book store, which offers text books, note books and a range of miscellaneous items at special prices. The store stocks all prescribed text books, stationery for the convenience of students.


A growing body of research has found that school facilities can have a profound impact on both teacher and student outcomes. For teachers, the quality of their teaching environment can affect recruitment, retention, commitment and effort. For students, school facilities affect health, behavior, engagement, learning and growth in achievement.

Our School environment is quiet. Classrooms are spacious, as well as open spaces, and air quality to increase student performance. The classrooms have a lot of natural light can boost morale and reduce off-topic behaviour. One study found that students with the most exposure to natural daylight progressed 20 percent faster in math and 26 percent faster in reading than students who were taught in environments with the least amount of natural light.

Strongly supported by research dating back to the 1990s, school size has been shown to impact student performance. Larger schools tend to negatively impact students from low socio-economic backgrounds, while smaller schools often had better rates of attendance, extracurricular engagement, and a sense of belonging. While it is difficult to apply these findings across the board (as there are many large schools who have great student success) it is worth keeping it in mind when searching for a school. The TP ratio is 30:1.

Kindergarten Play Area

A indoor play area provides a safe atmosphere for our young students. Soft play areas and equipment provide a variety of activities for the students to be occupied.

Kindergarten Activity Room

These well equipped and spacious rooms provide a wide variety of resources aimed at stimulating the interests of young students during recreation time and also for specific class activities. Educational toys, puzzles, models, bricks, blocks are all carefully selected for the children to enjoy their kindergarten years and to develop their potential through play way method

Art Room

A spacious Art Room provides students with all the raw materials required to explore and express their innate talent.The room has rich collection of art works of students displayed.

Audio-Video Room


Along with academics, physical fitness is given importance.With an eye to groom students into physically strong and mentally active members, a range of sports facilities are made available.
Bus facility will be provided only on “To and Fro” basis. Bus facility is provided to almost all areas with mandatory ayah or a female teacher in each school bus.Once the Van facility is availed, it should be continued till the end of the academic year. Van fee will be charged for 10 months in a academic year, irrespective of unexpected leave/holiday. Those who are availing van facility should pay van fee in advance along with monthly fees by 10th of every month. 
The school campus & class rooms are under CCTV surveillance, which is being used to provide surveillance and to monitor and keep track of all the activities that take place inside the premises of the school.
Children have a right to basic facilities such as school toilets, safe drinking water, clean surroundings and basic information on hygiene. Water, sanitation and hygiene in schools creates an enabling environment which secures children's dignity, safety, health and attendance in classes and Sujana Vidhya Mandira provides these.
Separate Rest Room for boys and girls. Students can't go to the bathroom unaccompanied. All security measures have been taken care of inside the school .
We undertake risk assessments to identify the general fire precautions needed to safeguard the safety of Children in case of fire, including their safe means of escape. We have well equipped fire extinguishers in the event of fire.