Middle School

The Middle School Guidance Counselor provides emotional and spiritual support to students in grades 5 through 8, their parents, and the faculty. This comprehensive counseling program consists of four components: guidance curricula, individual counseling, responsive services, and system support.

Grade Chairs

The Grade Chairs serve as the first line of communication with parents and faculty about issues that affect the academic performance of the student. They advise, challenge, encourage, and nurture students as they set and attempt to reach their own goals; they also encourage the development of class unity and a sense of community. In conjunction with the Principal and school Counselor, the Grade Chairs devise the best program of study and most effective policies for students’ academic progress. The Grade Chairs also work closely with the Guidance Counselor to address gender,emotional, social and developmental needs as the students go through various changes.

There is one grade chair per grade level over all students in grades 5-8.


Middle School Guidance Counselor

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