Fifth Grade

Field Trips

Field Trips such as live stage performances, museums, special events, environmental displays and local industry are coordinated to strength classroom instruction and further provide children with real world hands-on experiences.



Students have a semester long technology class that meets daily in 5th grade. They have keyboarding practice each day for the first 20 minutes of class. They will use typing programs to develop both their accuracy and speed. Initially, the focus is on accuracy. The goal by the end of the semester is to reach 15 WPM with 95% accuracy on their typing tests. Their project and class activities will be completed as they are introduced to the following programs:  Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, . They will be introduced to the Sujana network while saving and retrieving information. Students are required to complete classroom projects, activities and quizzes that provide practice for the basic functions presented during class.


Audition Skills/ Rehearsal Habits: Students learn how to prepare for an audition and what to expect during an audition. Students are also taught what is expected of them as actors.


Fifth grade Languages includes instruction using an all-inclusive curriculum. Grammar, reading for comprehension, and writing skills for various types of writing are important elements.

Social Studies

Through readings, activities, and projects, students will learn about important concepts, people, events, and places where major events took place. This class will also cover various current events as pertinent to our country today.   


Standard Mathematics

Fifth grade math is designed to help students bridge from the concrete number-oriented mathematics in lower school to the abstract, symbol-centered math in middle school. A review of computational skills begins the year followed by topics including Problem Solving, Fractions, Decimals, Geometry, and Pre-Algebra. Students are given various opportunities to use and apply new concepts while developing their critical thinking skills. Fifth graders are expected to master the use of place value and all mathematical operations involving fractions and decimals.

Advanced Mathematics

Fifth Grade Advanced Math is also designed to help students bridge from the concrete number-oriented mathematics in lower school to the abstract, symbol-centered math in middle school. Some of the topics covered are: Problem Solving, Fractions, Decimals, Geometry, and Pre-Algebra. Enrichment labs and chapter projects offer the advanced student the opportunity to enrich the depth of their critical thinking skills, along with presenting even more opportunities to understand abstract concepts on a more concrete level. Relevant, real-life applications are a part of every lesson, designed to make learning fun and engaging while answering the question, “When am I ever going to use this?"
Departmental recommendation required.


Physical Education

The fifth grade is a transition year that allows students to progress from learning fundamental skills such as throwing, catching, kicking, striking, running, and jumping to applying these skills in the sports arena. All fifth graders participate in the following activities throughout the year; flag football, volleyball, softball, ultimate frisbee, basketball, badminton, team handball, fitness testing, strength training, jump rope, track & field.


The goal of fifth grade General Science is to provide an opportunity for students to observe the world around them through the study of simple living things, light and vision, matter, sound and hearing, basic chemistry, ecology and changing ecosystems.