Seventh Grade

Advanced Band


2D Art

This combined 7th and 8th grade class will focus on drawing, painting, and 2D media. We will interpret the world around us by studying how it is made. Art history will be the foundation of each project, as we study certain artists and art movements. Students will also be challenged to explore how messages in art effect the viewer.

Students will be able to work at their own skill level, but will be challenged to add more meaning and purpose to projects as the semester goes on. Experienced workers will be allowed more independence as they advance through the class.

This is a one-semester course that can be taken by both 7th and 8th graders, once each year.

3D Art

This combined 7th and 8th grade class will work with 3D materials such as clay, plaster, wood, and found objects. Students will build, carve, and attach these to make meaningful works of art.

We will research how sculpture and clay have changed throughout history, and the many avenues and careers in which these techniques are used. Students will explore the difference between message-filled sculpture and handmade items that help us in everyday life. We will experiment with professional techniques that will help students develop a personal style.

Students will work at individual skill levels, and experienced workers will be allowed more independence as they advance through the class.

This is a one-semester course that can be taken by both 7th and 8th graders multiple times, once each year.






Theater production

In this overview of technical theater, students become familiar with the physical layout of typical theatres and learn terminology and techniques in the areas of scenery, lighting, and publicity.




The seventh grade English program is an accelerated curriculum that includes instruction in reading comprehension, literature analysis, writing, grammar, and vocabulary.

The primary focus of the literature units is to improve reading speed, comprehension, and vocabulary.

Writing instruction focuses on organization, clarity of written expression, and clear sentence structure. Students will learn how to effectively expand their ideas (with details, figurative language, and vivid vocabulary) into meaningful pieces of writing.

Grammar instruction throughout the year focuses on how to improve writing through correct application of the grammatical concepts being taught. Students are guided through an in-depth study of the various parts of speech and parts of a sentence to better learn how they work together in effective communication.

Seventh grade English combines a study of three class novels and two student-selected novels that expose students to a wide variety of themes and styles of writing.  







The seventh grade pre-algebra course is an introduction to the topics that the students will cover in algebra. It also serves to review essential skills from previous math courses. Topics include: operations with integers, operations with fractions and decimals, solving equations, simplifying variable expressions, exponents, graphing linear equations, and a brief introduction to geometry. This course focuses on increasing the students' critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Advanced Pre-Algebra

Advanced Pre-Algebra includes the topics covered in Pre-Algebra, as well as material and concepts that will be added as necessary to prepare students for Advanced Algebra I in eighth grade. Material regularly covered in seventh grade pre-algebra will be enriched and broadened. Students are expected to apply concepts throughout the course and increase critical thinking skills in preparation for honors level mathematics courses in high school.
Departmental recommendation required.

Algebra 1

This course is an introduction to topics in algebra. These topics include but are not limited to linear functions, exponents, rational expressions, polynomials, linear and quadratic equations, factoring, inequalities and systems of equations and inequalities. This course demonstrates math's usefulness and encourages independent thinking. Problem solving, logical reasoning and critical thinking skills are emphasized through the use of cooperative learning and technology. Students are required to have and use a graphics calculator for this course.
Departmental recommendation required.






Physical Education

The seventh grade program builds on the concepts taught and practiced in the fifth and sixth grades and helps the student understand the rules and regulations involved in sports participation. The fitness and health-related advantages of activity participation are also emphasized. Throughout the year, the entire seventh grade will participate in flag football, volleyball, softball, ultimate frisbee, basketball, badminton, team handball, swimming, fitness testing, strength training, pickleball, jump rope, soccer, floor hockey, original games, and tennis.


The goal of seventh grade life science is to help students develop a basic understanding of organisms and their relation to the world around them. Through exploration, hands-on activities, and class discussions, students will be asked to develop their ideas on each topic as a team.  Students will focus specifically on the following topics: classification of life, cell function, plant processes, the human body, and animal diversity.